A solution for founders of all shapes and sizes

Whether you’re just beginning your journey or raising again, ProRaise helps Founders raise capital faster by digitising many of the time consuming tasks.


Equip yourself with the right tools to more easily navigate many of the common fund raising challenges ahead.


Increase the number of investors you’re able to effectively engage with, accelerating your capital raising process.


Digitise many of the common fund raising activities, freeing up time to focus on growing your business.

A simple, intuitive platform to enhance your capital raising capabilities

ProRaise is a custom-built solution that provides a structured, easy to follow process, to share information, track and manage investor engagement.

Get started in minutes

Create investor ready company & deal profiles

Promote your investment opportunities

Gather investor feedback

Track level of investor interest

Securely manage information sharing

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Investing is Personal

ProRaise uses technology to help make those personal connections meaningful. Understand your investors better and optimise when and how you engage with them.


Available for Founders of UK registered companies

ProRaise is currently available for UK registered companies. If you’re looking to raise capital for non-UK registered companies, register your email and we’ll let you know when ProRaise is available in your country.